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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

RIAA court ruling could be very dangerous to the future of the internet

Very disturbing indeed, and something that really isn't that implausible...unfortunately:

And here is a good source on net neutrality...

On a related note (no pun intended), I've recently come across a site that deals with this issue from a different angle. supports p2p file sharing for a number of reasons. Most notably because it really does put a hurt on the major record labels, who have been screwing musicians out of money for years and homogenizing main-stream music to the point that it is, for the most part, pure shit. Being a musician myself I'm quite an advocate of this, and really encourage you to look into this. Personally I don't see p2p file sharing as the exclusive answer, as I'm actually a bit of a vinyl enthusiast myself and really feel that it in itself is a tangible piece of art; needless to say I feel the same about what is inside. But file sharing has certainly spread the word about a lot of acts that you would have never heard of otherwise.

Music is something that people relate with very intimately and this subject serves a very good purpose in showing people what these large companies are going for. And this is just a microcosm of everything else that is going on, obviously...for instance why don't you look at some of the arms manufacturers that some of these major label/media conglomerates are tied to:

Courtesy of Constellation Records ( Artwork from godspeed you! black emperor's album "yanqui u.x.o.


  • O.M.G. This has got to be the single gheyest thing I have ever read in the history of anything, ever.

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